What the F*ck? Drinking Game

What the F*ck? Drinking Game

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You've definitely played this game at some time in your life... but not like this! What The F#ck I Never Have is a game of questions and answers where the truth may embarrass you, but not telling the truth will embarrass you even more!


     - Hilarious adult card game 
     - The adult version of 'Never Have I Ever!'
     - Really learn what kinds of friends you have!
     - Great for Bucks, Hens & birthday parties 


     - Dimensions: 8.5 in. x 12 in. x 2.5 cms 
     - Inclusions: 69 cards with 552 I Never Have statements,
       1 rule card, and an 8-sided die
     - Ages: 18 and above.